AdvanceTech India Provides a Very Low Cost for an Automatic Weather Station, Soil Moisture Data Logger, Air Quality Monitoring, Cold Chamber, Rain Gauge,  Electronics Weather Display Board. Our Company Gives Complete Solutions for Agriculture & Environmental.

Automatic Weather Station

Automatic Weather Station

Automatic Weather Station
(ATM DL 04)

AdvanceTech India Pvt. Ltd. is proud to introduce a new generation of Automatic Weather Station technology, our environmental data loggers are designed specifically for recording environmental conditions, with solar power, alerts, and recordings.

Data Logger
Temperature Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Wind Speed, Wind Direction
Rainfall Sensor
Barometric Pressure
Solar radiation
Cloud / Mobile App Facility

Soil Moisture Data Logger

Soil Moisture Data Logger

Soil Moisture Data Logger

Soil Moisture Data Logger Helps in Logging Moisture Content of the Soil and log into MS Excel File

Input: Up to $ sensors per Soil Moisture Data Logger

No. of Channel: 10 ( 4 for analog input/4 for digital input/1 relay output/1

Communication: GSM/USB/MODBUS

Enclosure: weatherproof IP rated Enclosure.

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring System

Air Quality Monitoring System Can Measure the Various Environmental Parameters as Co2, N2, O2, PM2.5, PM10, CO, NO2, O3

  • Operating Temperature : -20° to + 60° C
  • 4 Channel Data Logger all channels are 4- 20 mA, 1 SDI 12 Channel / Rs 232 / 2 Digital Channellock , Accuracy :- 2/Minute
  • GPRS Server-based data logging can monitor online data from eld, Minimum 8GB memory storage to store at least 5-year data.


Ground Water Level Solution

Ground Water Level Measurement

Ground Water Level Solution

System Can Measure Groundwater Depth Level Temperature & Conductivity

  • Measurement Parameter
  • Depth Level, Temperature,  Conductivity
  • Operating Temperature : -20° to + 60° C
  • 4 Channel Data Logger.
  • All Channels are 4-20
  • GPRS Server-based data logging can monitor online data from eld.
  • Battery operated device.
  • Sensors : Level / Temperature / Conductivity
  • Range 0 to 150
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to +125°C.

Cold Chamber

Cold Storage Monitoring

Cold Chamber


  • AdvanceTech Offer’s Cold Chamber which is used in horticulture Research & Projects works for Fruits Prevrage to maintain a single or multiple temperatures
  • Customize automation of green house by PLC
  • This unit has double-walled insulated PUF modular panels, which can easily be assembled at site without any major

Rain Gauge

Automated Rain Gauge Measurement System

Rain Gauge Data Logger

Our Automatic rain gauge gas got a facility for data recording both in the data logger as well as it can send data of the internet, and it can be the view from outside.

  • The data loggers with arm processors with, SD card, display LCD 20X4 and battery back
  • The data logger will be provided with GSM and GPRS facility as well as Modbus facility for data
  • A long-life lithium battery is included
  • Transducer: Tipping Bucket of specially formulated plastic for low surface
  • Accuracy: 2% at 5” per hour.
  • Output: Less than 0.1 sec. switch
  • Capacity: 6 to 24 VDC @

Agri Information Kiosk

Agri Kiosk

Information Kiosk

  • Information Kiosk: Processor-Based
  • Touch:- Capacitive,
  • Screen Resolution:-1920 x 1080 pixels,
  • Processor Make:- Intel
  • Processor Speed:- 1. 8 GHz, Operating System (Pre-loaded):- Window 1
  • USB Port 3.0 Or Higher:– 2 Nos VGA Port /LAN Port / Speaker / Auto  In And Out:- Yes
  • Memory:- 4 GB,
  • Storage/HDD:-500 GB