Digital Smart Class Room Solution

SMART ROOM SOLUTIONS are quite suitable for, smart room, Board Rooms & Conference rooms

These can be used in Colleges, Board Rooms & cooperate offices etc


Electronic Lectern (ATIPL009)

Type of Electronic Lectern Processor Based
 Type of Chassis/ Frame Metallic
 Brightness (NITS) Minimum 250
 Display Size (inches) 17 to 18
 Stylus Type Battery Free Pen
 Display Type LED
 Screen Resolution (Pixles) 1366×768
 Stylus Yes
 Display Available
 Storage/HDD (GB) 500

Interactive Kiosk

Computer Kiosk

Type 21.5 Colour LED Touch Monitor
Resolution (1920 x 1080)
Touch Screen Capacitive
Brightness 250 Nits

Processor Intel Core i3 Processor, 3.4 Ghz
Operating System Windows 10



  1. All in one cabinet style.
  2. Burglarproof locking system.
  3. Integrated control touch panel.
  4. 19” Touch LCD Monitor with slide door.
  5. Easy to use GUI interface.
  6. MIC & I/O port external devices.
Tech Board

Tech Board

  1. State of the Art Patented Technology.
  2. Enhances the overall teaching ,training and
    presentation experience.
  3. Comprehensive software interface.
  4. Energy Efficient and Eco Friendly.
  5. Available in both Electronic Magnetic and Infrared
    interactive whiteboard models
Interactive Touch Screen

Interactive LED based Touch Screen

  1. Built in Andriod system, support OPS for Windows
  2. User can experience the touch function without driver installation
  3. Multi-touch interactive touch screen
  4. Various input and output for multi output capacity
  5. Advance Interactive screen with 55” ,65”,70”,75”,80”86 Inch
  6. Optional facility for software based video conferencing
Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Kiosks

  1. The system can be design around interactive touch screen from 20 inch to 55 inch
  2. With content development facility and with properly stand .
  3. The system has a built in PC with i5 Processors.
  4. It can be used for interactive data handing .
  5. The system has web connectivity for live status update and real time interaction.
Portable Digital Visualizer 2

Portable Digital Visualizer

  1. The portable Visualizer is a good training tool to
    show the different text,object, photograph, paper
    or many other documents.
  2. Into digital form the output can be displayed on
    LCD projector or LCD panels is able to show the
    graphical & pictorial presentation of various items.
  3. Different model are available.
  4. The unit is very handy portable & can be carried
Desktop Digital Visualizer

Desktop Digital Visualizer

  1. Ultra –thin fuselage, width is 30 mm only.
  2. LED lamp is available for both base light and assistant lamp.
  3. All rotating joint position adopted damper design.
  4. Human being drawer inside.
  5. Shooting / Preview function.
  6. Intelligent central control system.
  7. 360◦ full angle remote control.
Wireless Sound System

Wireless Sound System

  1. A new latest audio solution for large class room,
    Use wireless MIKE , portable Speakers , PA
  2. 60W , 100 watts power output. (2 x 30 W)
    Wireless portable MIC having Built-in Laser Pointer,
    PPT Presenter and a Headset MIC.
  3. Facility to connect dual channel UHF / VHF receiver
    to facilitate up to (1+2=3) wireless MIC in a
    classroom at extra cost.
  4. Built-in fuse for safety protection.
    1 line input and 2 MIC input for connecting wired/
    wireless microphone.
  5. Built-in LED indicator.
  6. Best use for large class room , safe , and portable .


  1. The system offer quick data transfer from multiple
    platforms using Wi-fi technology .
  2. The system has facilty for usb end nodes to make
    any projection system to connect using a combo
    of Laptops ,I Phone , I pads , and android .
  3. The system is highly portable and can be used and
    setup in quick time .
Confrence Hall Solutions

Conference Solution

  1. We offer complete audio video solution and offer customized solutions for Board room and conference halls .
  2. Live Video projection on screen.
  3. Lighting controls solutions
  4. Personalized data transfer using Mobile and laptops
  5. Offer Bosch / Bose and JBL brands .


  1. We offer various projector of Sharp Panasonic as
    well as Sony
  2. We have DGS&D Rate contracts for this and offers a
    combo solution with interactive boards

Smart Classroom with Green Chalk Board

Cabinet – Wall Mounted lockable enclosure
Material of the Cabinet- CRCA Metal Cabinet
CPU -Intel Core I3
Processor Generation -7th
OS Compatibility -Windows 10 Professional

smart class room solutions


Cabinet – Wall Mounted lockable enclosure
Material of the Cabinet- CRCA Metal Cabinet
CPU -Intel Core I3
Processor Generation -7th
OS Compatibility -Windows 10 Professional


Digital Teaching Device(ATSDTDS2004)

Cabinet– Wall Mounted lockableenclosure
Material of the Cabinet– STEEL
Degree of Protection (IP Rating) -CPU Intel Atom
Processor Generation –6th
RAM (GB)– 4
RAM upgradable upto (GB)– 8
Hard Disk Capacity (GB) –500
Hard Disk Upgradable upto (GB)– 2000
OS Compatibility –Windows 7 Professional


Professional Large Format Display (NEW102)

Technology LED Backlit
Screen Size (Diagonal) Minimum (cm) 164
Screen Type Non Touch
Panel Technology Vertical Alignment
Orientation Portrait and
Native Resolution (Pixels) 3840 x 2160 (UHD)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness (Nits) Minimum 300
Native Contrast Ratio (Minimum) 4000:1
Viewing Angle (Horizontal:Vertical) 178:178

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