Fiber Optics Lab

We offer from basic to high-end level fiber optic training tool, analog fiber tool, digital fiber trainer tool, analog-digital fiber trainer tool, PC-based fiber optic development tool.

Advance Optical Fibre Trainer

Advance Optical Fiber Trainer

The fiber board has facility of 2 transmitters    with 660 and 850 nm LEDs

On board 2 Receiver  with  photo detector

Receiver 01 – Photo transistor with responsivity of 80µÁ / µW

Receiver 02 – Photo detector with TTL logic output

Analog Fiber Optic Develpoment Board

Analog Digital Fiber Optic Trainer

With transmission wavelength 660nm, Red visible Laser output.

Receiver module with 660nm (Approx.) with Silicon Photo detector.

Connecting via spinner type connector.

Two meter PMMA plastic fiber cable


Advance Fiber Optic Communication Trainer

Modulation Techniques: AM/FM/
 AC Amplier : 2 Nos. clock : Crystal Controlled
 PLL detector: 1 No.
 Comparator: 2 nos.
 Filters : 2 Nos. 4 order Butterworth lter.
 Scheme/Freq. selection through switches.
 Analog Band Width: 100KHz or above.
 Digital Band width: 500 KHz or above.
 Function Generator: Sine, Square & Triangular

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