data logger with sticker

Panel Mount Data Logger (96x48)

  • Display :- 4 digit 7 Segment
  • Memory :-EPROM 1MB
  • Communication :-TTL Serial
  • Power Supply :-Ac 220v
  •  Channel :-1 (Analog/Digital)
  •  Easy to use screw terminal connectors
  • 4 Switches to control various feature
1.Single Channel Data Logger

Single Channel Data Logger

  • New low cost , battery operated system for live status monitoring and control
  • Single channel temp sensors with control / calibration facility
  • The system has facility for 8 analog input and 4 D I/O , Thru relays
  • Power failure alert indicator .
  • User can have data status thru SMS BASED Queries
2.Four Channel Data Logger

Four Channel Data Logger

  •  4 Analog Channel.
  •  2 Digital Channel.
  •  Analog / digital /4-20 mA / 0-5V input ports.
  •  Rs232/Rs485/Modbus communication port .
  •  Set point feature in all channel.
  •  16*2 Lcd display.
  •  GPRS server based data logging can monitor online data
    from field.
  •  GUI software for online server.
  •  GSM facility can fetch receive data on mobile phone.
3.GPRS Data Logger

GPRS Data Logger

  • 8 Analog Channel.
  • 6Digital Channel.
  • Analog / digital /4-20 mA / 0-5V input ports.
  • Rs232/Rs485/Modbus communication port .
  • Set point feature in all channel.
  • 16*2 Lcd display.
  • GPRS server based data logging can monitor online data
    from field.
  • GUI software for online server.
  • GSM facility can fetch data on mobile phone.
  • 8-16 GB memory card storage.

Flame Proof Temperature Data Logger (16 Channel)

  • Display: 20×4 Colour Lcd display.
  • Number Of Channels: 1/4/8
  • PT 100 type – 08.
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to 100°C or more.
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Accuracy: ±0.5% or less.
  • Sampling Rate : 1min to 1week
  • Data Storage in excel format.
  • USB port for interfacing with computer.
  • Internal Memory: 8GB .
  • The whole system will be flameproof
5.Automatic Temperature Humidity Data Logger

Automatic Temperature/ Humidity Data Logger

(a) Measuring range:
Temperature: -30ºC to 60ºC (-22ºF to 140ºF)
Humidity: 0%rH to 100%rH
(b) Accuracy:
Temperature: ±0.5ºC at -20ºC to 40ºC (±0.9ºF at -4ºF at -4ºF to 140ºF)
Humidity: ±3%rH(10%rH to 90%rH)
(c) Resolution
Temperature: 0.1ºC (0.2ºF)
Humidity: 0.1%rH
(d) Data Memory: 40,000 measurements
(e) Channels: Channel 1- Temperature,
Channel 2- Humidity

6.Data Logger For Blood Bank

Data Logger For Blood Bank

 Blood is a precious resource which cannot be replaced by any articial preparation.
 Storage of blood and blood products and maintenance of cold chain is mandatory in order
to issue a safe blood.

7.Data Logger Industrial Customized Automation Solution

Data Logger
Industrial/ Customized Automation Solution

  • Co2 /O2 Gas Detector Data Logger.
  • Data Logger For Blood Bank .
  • Temperature / Humidity / Pre Based Data Loggers.
  • Data Logger With Ethernet Support.
8.Data Loggers for Clod Storage Monitoring

Data Loggers for Cold Storage Monitoring

 AdvanceTech data loggers can be used to monitor and record the temperature of refrigerators,
freezers, and general storage areas.
 AdvanceTech’s storage data loggers are commonly used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, as
well as at hospitals, blood banks and laboratories.

9.Ethernet Based Data Logger With Temperature

Ethernet Based Data Logger With Temperature

 AdvanceTech , We accumulated parameters like Temperature & Humidity from 40 different locations where there was no GPRS/GSM facility available, and then displayed them on our customized software screen in the control room situated away from the locations. An alarm was introduced whenever a parameter goes beyond the threshold limit.
 4 analog input channel, 4 digital input output
 Ethernet based
 Set point in all channel
 Single relay
 Calibration repot individually.

10.Soil Moisture Data Logger

Soil Moisture Data Logger

  • Input :– Up to 4 sensors per Soil Moisture Data Logger.
  • Sampling Rate:– Readings taken automatically every 600 sample/sec to 1 sample/week.
  • Display:– 20*4 LCD Display/ Touch Panel .
    No. of Channel:– 10 (4 for analog input/4 for digital input/1 relay output/1 RS 485 terminal)
  • Communication:– GSM/USB/MODBUS.
  • Enclosure:– weatherproof IP rated Enclosure.
  • Timing:– Build In Real Time Clock.
  • Supply: –AC operated/Battery Operated/DC Operated.
  • Data Storage:– In a Ms Excel Sheet, Each records are stored with Time & Date stamp.
  • Storage Capacity :– 1 Million Samples.
11.Wireless Data Logger

Wireless Data Logger

  • Environmental chambers, Laboratory equipments Heat treatment, large funnels furnace / oven temperatures at various locations.
  • Green House, Ware House , Power plant.
  • Plastic / packing industry. Aircrafts Cabins , Refrigerate Truck , Containers, Food Transportation.
  • Validation of cold- chain shipping and storage process (e.g,blood plasma, red cell storage, pharmaeuticals,frozen tissue , dry ice shipments) nChemical Industries for pH measurement