IoT Based Projects

AdvanceTech India gives you the best  IoT solutions that have driven significant impact in the manufacturing, Hospitality agriculture, retail, health, and defense in India.

IoT Based Projects AdvanceTech India Pvt Ltd Internet of Things (IoT) Based Projects are Produced in Our  Lab and addresses important challenges in our industries, cities, farms, hospitals, homes, retail chains, personal lives, and our society. Securely, and in real-time, we collect, integrate and analyze data from millions of internet-connected devices that range from sensors, cameras, smartphones, and wearables, to smart meters, vehicles, medication pills, and industrial machines. our Company develops innovative IoT-based solutions for industries and governments.

iot applications

Here are some Applications Which Based on IoT

  • Smart Agriculture System
  • Weather Reporting System
  • Home Automation System
  • Face Recognition Bot
  • Smart Garage Door
  • Smart Alarm Clock
  • Air Pollution Monitoring System
  • Smart Parking System
  • Smart Traffic Management System
  • Smart Cradle System
  • Smart Gas Leakage Detector Bot
  • Smart Anti-Theft System
  • Liquid Level Monitoring System
  • Night Patrol Robot
  • Smart Irrigation System
  • Flood Detection System
  • Mining Worker Safety Helmet

The IoT based Projects Lab’s research focus includes:

  • We Development of advanced IoT devices and robots that provide information from and perform actions in the IoT cyber-physical ecosystem
  • AdvanceTech India Discovery and integration of IoT devices and their data permitting the use of billions of IoT devices that have been deployed, owned and controlled by others
  • internet of things projects are Real-time IoT data analysis on the cloud, at the edge, and on the move, including localization, personalization, and contextualization of IoT data
  • IoT security and privacy for IoT devices with limited computing resource and connectivity
  • IoT actuation via IoT devices, robots, and process-based automation
  • Our Company Manufacturing Lower-power and longer-range IoT networking for IoT devices
  • Wearable IoT devices and systems
  • We are the Best in Human performance, human/IoT integration, and IoT information visualization

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