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We offer 8085, 8086 kits with USB programming and with a number of interfacing modules. This kit usually can program it pneumonic as well as assembly language programming. the kit can be interface with pc also.

8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kits

8085 Microprocessor Trainer Kits

8085A CPU @ 3 MHz • 16 K powerful monitors FIRMWARE expandable to 32K

64 K users RAM with battery backup using 3.6V Ni-Cad battery.

Expanded RAM accessible using bank switching technique

48 parallel I/O lines available through two 8255 chips.

8086 Microprocessor Trainer Kits

8086 Microprocessor Trainer Kits

CPU operating at 8 MHZ in maximum mode.

Socket provision for coprocessor.

Powerful monitor firmware in two 27256 EPROMs ( 64 KB ) organized as 16 bit words. Monitor EPROMs expandable to 128 KB using two 27512 EPROMs.

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