Welcome to AdvanceTech India PVT.LTD

We are AdvanceTech India PVT. LTD. (Formerly Advanced Technology) a North India based core-electronics Company established in the year 1999.

We offer lots of electronics software & Hardware, especially for design & development.

AdvanceTech offered lots of Industrial tools for Govt. as well as Private Organizations.

We are also registered with DRDO; we have done many projects in

  • TBRL Chandigarh
  • SASE Chandigarh
  • CSIO Chandigarh

Projects with TBRL Chandigarh

  1. Development, Fabrication & Supply of RS422 Communication Interface (TBRL)
  2. Embedded Development System (TBRL)
  3. Electronic Triggering Device with Programmable Delay (TBRL)
  4. Wireless Sensor Network (CSIO).

Projects with SASE Chandigarh

  1. Assembly, Fabrication, Circuit Layout & Packaging of Reflective Snow Depth Sensor.